Website Maintenance Lab

Website Maintenance Services

1. We get your site ready to roll

We’ll check out your site, back it up, and install traffic monitoring so you can gauge your progress. If we notice any technical, usability, or search engine problems we’ll fill you in.

2. Send us an Update Request

Create an Update Request by writing down all of the changes you’d like made to your website. Then phone, fax, email, or use this site to send us your Update Request. We’ll accept email, Word documents, handwritten notes, attachments, or whatever works best for you.

What can I put in my Update Request?


Your Update Request should contain a list of content changes you want made on your website. With a single Update Request, you can add, remove, update, or edit an unlimited number of pages, text, photos, videos, links, documents, etc. Send us as many content changes as you want in each Update Request.

Our Design and development service covers all aspects of web design, development & maintenance.

So if you are a website owner seeking to redo your website or want to add features to it, we will do it.

  • Website Content Updates.
  • Product Updates For Ecommerce Sites.
  • Formatting/ Uploading Your Blog Post.
  • Uploading Your Podcast.
  • Uploading Your Videos.
  • Managing Your Media Section.
  • Maintaining/ Managing Your Newsletter.
  • Social Bookmarking Tags and Icons.

Development Services

You can also outsource your web business to us in absolute confidentiality and complete efficiency.
We also cover PPC requirements of creating tested landing pages that have worked for our clients and tweaking them for multivariate and split testing.

  • Add a Blog.
  • Add a Forum.
  • Feature Addition.
  • Adding Forms & validating them for spam.

Design/Redesign Services

  • Creating Your PPC Landing Page.
  • Design Tweaks for Split Testing and Multivariate Testing.
  • Outsourcing of Website Design Projects.

Website Analysis Service

The nature of website maintenance services has changed and so have we. Now web maintenance has much to do with analysis of visitors, breakdown of traffic sources and tracking conversions. If you are not tracking your website how will you know what’s working? Where will you pitch your next campaign? How will you know at what page your visitors are leaving? Track your website with detailed analysis.

  • Analyzing Backlinks.
  • Tracking Social Media.
  • Site Traffic Analysis & Reporting.
  • Online Market Scope Analysis.
  • Conversion Analysis.

What’s not included?

Design work and programming are not included in our plans. For example, changing your site’s overall look and feel (design work) or adding a shopping cart (programming) is not included. Don’t worry, we offer these services at a steeply discounted hourly rate for our clients.

3. We process your Update Request

Our technical team reviews your Update Request and implements the changes.

Our tech team has plenty of experience with a wide variety of Content Management Systems, Shopping Carts, Frameworks, custom dynamic sites, and of course plain HTML sites. We’ll have no trouble getting your changes live.

4. Review the changes

If you prefer to review the changes before your updated site goes live, quickly complete the approval process.
You get to see your site updated on our systems, before we copy the changes to your live site.

5. Enjoy

Your site is updated and your customers are noticing.

We’ll be here waiting for your next Update Request. Website maintenance has never been easier.